All posts for the month September, 2019


This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Tommy Chong, Nikki Glaser and Dylan Moran. Just back from Spain and Patfest 5 and you can check out the video of Patfest 5 on YouTube and see all the carry-on. If you’ve Comedy and music from or linked to Halloween I’ll be looking for them in the month of October. With lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Rainbow – Stone Cold.
2. Michael Schenker Group – Anytime.
3. Dio – Dream Evil.
4. Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.
5. Black Sabbath – Sign Of The Southern Cross.
6. Beth Hart – Tell Her You Belong To Me.
7. Judas Priest – Diamonds + Rust.
8. The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.
9. W.A.S.P. – Heavens Hung In Black.
10. Blackberry Smoke – Livin Hell.
11. Tony Tucker – Wait For The Night To Turn Blue.
12. Chicago – 25 Or 6 To 4.
13. Kingdom Come – Twilight Cruiser.
14. Meatloaf – Wolf At Your Door.
15. Dokken – It’s Not Love.


This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Kerry Godliman in Belfast, Rhod Gilbert on trying to buy a single Potato and Daniel Sloss on Religion with Great Classic Rock Tunes and lots of Fun besides. One thing you can be sure of is nothing will make sense.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun.
2. Eagles – Hotel California.
3. Celtus – Moonchild.
4. Aslan – Wish You Were Here.
5. The Cure – Lullaby.
6. Stevie Nicks – Stop Dragging My Heart Around.
7. Joe Bonamassa + Beth Hart – I’ll Take Care Of You.
8. Whitesnake – Slip Of The Tongue.
9. Saxon – Wheels Of Steel.
10. Rose Tattoo – Bad Boy For Love.
11. The Blues Mystery – Back To The Dirty Town.
12. Wishbone Ash – No Easy Road.
13. Brian Lucas Project – Setting Sun.
14. Doors – L’America.
15. Tony Tucker – The Old Dead Woodpecker Hole Tree.


This Weeks Podcast after last Weeks madness with me mates Tina Mckenna and Frankie Mclaughlin the show settles down. With Comedy from John Caparulo, Jeff Dunham and Bill Engvall. With lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher – Bad Is Bad.
2. BB King – The Thrill Is Gone.
3. Cream – Spoonful.
4. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain.
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Cold Shot.
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Every Mother’s Son.
7. Ted Nugent – Just What The Doctor Ordered.
8. Melting Pot – Crossroads.
9. Pat McManus Band – Runaway Dreams.
10. Led Zeppelin – The Lemon Song.
11. Blackberry Smoke – Freeborn Man.
12. The Doors – Wintertime Love.
13. Dez Murphy – Bo Diddley.
14. Montrose – Space Station.
15. Rainbow – Stargazer.


This Weeks Podcast Show with me auld mates Tina McKenna and Frankie (Ulster Says No) Mclaughlin drop in to do the show with me, so you know madness is going to happen. With Comedy from Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican, Podge and Rodge and The Toll Trolls. Lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes to.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Izzy Stradlin – Needles.
2. Black Country Communion – Cold.
3. Alter Bridge – Waters Rising.
4. Boston – Foreplay/Longtime.
5. AC/DC – The Jack.
6. Ozzy – Won’t Be Coming Home.
7. Pink Floyd – What Do You Want From Me.
8. Velvet Revolver – Sucker Train Blues.
9. Rammstein – Radio.
10. Foreigner – Soul Doctor.
11. The Doors – Love Street.
12. Blackwater Conspiracy – The Monday Club.