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This Week’s Podcast Show With Comedy from Billy Connolly Achmed The Dead Terriorst and Aries Spears  and Great Classic Rock Tunes from the 1990s . I’m again looking to Prank Someone You know gimme some backround on them and there fone number   leave it on Faceache or [email protected]  and A Big Thanks to TK and Hugh Jass.

This Week’s Playlist  
1  Europe  –  War Of Kings
2   Black Crowes  –  Hard To Handle
3  Rage Against The Machine  –  Killing In The Name
4  Extreme  –  Get The Funk Out
5  Nine Inch Nails  –  Closer
6  Paul Weller  –  You Do Something To Me
7  Pantera  –  Cemetary  Gates
8  Aerosmith  –  Livin On The Edge
9  The Smashing Pumpkins  –  1979
10  Nirvana  –  Smells Like Teen Spirit
11  Guns N Roses  –  November Rain
12  Foo Fighters   –  Everlong
13  Blues Traveler  –  Run Around
14  Europe  –  Seventh Sign
15  Stone Temple Pilots  –  Plush
16  Pearl Jam  –  Jeremy
17  Soundgarden  –  Black Hole Sun
18  Thunder  –  Love Walked In
19  Tom Petty  –  Mary Janes Last Dance
20  Metallica  –  Nothing Else Matters



This Week’s Podcast Show  with Comedy from Kevin Hart , Dylan Moran and Dave Chepelle and some Prank  Calls with loads of Classic Rock Tunes From The 1980s or as it was known as Hairbrush Metal. Next Weeks Show is 1990s so please let me know some of you tunes and of course keep your Comedy Links coming plus i wanna prank call people you know so gimme there numbers and some details, get me on Faceache or [email protected]. A Big Thanks To TK  and Hugh Jass.

This Week’s Playlist  
1  Ratt  – I Wanna Woman
2  Cinderalla  –  Dont Know What You Got (Till Its Gone)
3 Europe  –  The Final Countdown
4  Pink Floyd  –  Another Brick In The Wall
5  David Bowie  –  Modern Love
6  Van Halen  –  Hot For Teacher
7  Mamas Boys  –  Needle In The Groove
8  David  Lee Roth  –  Just A Gigolo
9  Janes  Addiction  –  Mountain Song
10  Joy  Division  –  Love Will Tear Us Apart
11  Metallica  –  One
12  AC/DC  –  You Shook Me All Night Long
13  Joan Jett and The Black Hearts  –  I  Love Rock N Roll
14  Journey  –  Faithfully
15  Bon Jovi  –  Livin On A Prayer
16  Guns N Roses  –  Sweet Child Of Mine
17  The Cult  –  Fire Woman
18  Dio  –  Rainbow  In The Dark
19  Poison  –  Nothin But A Good Time
20  Foreigner  –  Jukebox Hero
21  Dennis De Young  –  Desert Moon.



This Week’s Podcast Show  with comedy from Them Idiots  and Roy D Mercer  and 8 Year Old Becky  and Great Classic Rock Tunes from the 1970s get me here or [email protected]. Next Weeks Show from the 80s let me hear your choices of Classic Rock Songs from the 80s . A Big Thanks to TK And Hugh Jass.

This Week’s Playlist
1  The Beatles  –  Let It Be
2  The  Ramones  –  I Wanna Be Sedated
3  Pink Floyd  –  Breathe
4  Stiff Little Fingers  –  Johnny Was
5  Bob Dylan  –  Knockin On Heavens Door
6  Deep Purple  –  Child In Time
7  Genesis  –  White  Mountain
8  Rory Gallagher  –  A Million Miles Away
9  Steely Dan  –  Rikki Dont Lose That Number
10  Rush  –  Anthem
11  Bruce Springsteen  –  Born To Run
12  ELO  –  Sweet Talkin Woman
13  John Lennon  –  Imagine
14  Thin Lizzy  –  Whiskey In The Jar
15  The Eagles  –  Hotel  California
16  The Who  –  Wont Get Fooled Again
17  Led  Zepplin  –  Stairway To Heaven
18  Marvin  Gaye  –  Lets Get It On
19  Queen  –  Bohemian Rhapsody



This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from Marc Maron , Whitney Cummings and Lilza Shlesinger and all the Classic Rock tunes are from 1960. Next week’s Tunes is from the 70s, send me your Classic Rock Tunes from the 70s  and see if I can get them for you [email protected] or here on the website or Faceache. Thanks again to the main man TK.

This Week’s Playlist  
1  Dick Dale  +The Del Tones  –  Misirlou
2  Procol Harum  –  A Whiter Shade Of Pale
3  The Rolling Stones  –  Sympathy For The Devil
4  Jefferson Airplane   –  Somebody To Love
5  CCR  –  Who ll Stop The Rain
6  Bob Dylan   –  Like A Rolling Stone
7  Cream  –  Sunshine Of Your Love
8  The Who  –  My Genration
9  Led Zepplin  –  Whole Lotta Love
10  Jimi Hendrix   –  Voodoo Child
11  The Shadows  –  Apache
12  Steppwolf   –  Born To Be Wild
13  Free  –  All Right Now
14  The Animals  –  House Of The Rising Sun
15  The Doors  –  Riders On The Storm