This Week’s Podcast Show and First Show of 2017 with Comedy from Dave Hughes and Sara Pascoe and Great Australian Classic Rock Tunes. If you would like to suggest any Tunes for Accustic Track or Threesome or indeed the Whole Show or Comedy Links or just about anything at all get me on Faceache Liam Burke Show or liamburkeshow.com.

This Week’s Playlist
1. Greg Lake – Lucky Man.
2. Thin Lizzy – Southbound.
3. ZZ Top – She’s Just Killing Me.
4. Free – Come Together In The Morning.
5. Baby Animals – One Word.
6. Powderfinger – (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind.
7. Rory Gallagher – Let Me In.
8. Greg Lake – Love You Too Much.
9. Greg Lake – It’s You, You Gotta Believe It.
10. Greg Lake – Haunted.
11 Lou Reed – Walk On The Wildside.
12. Cold Chisel – One Long Day.
13. The Angels – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.
14. Nickelback – Animals.



This Week’s Podcast Show with comedy from Kitty Flanagan and Danny Bhoy and Robin Williams. If you’ve any funny links or you’d like your threesome or if you’ve 15 or 20Classic Rock Tunes,get me on Faceache Liam Burke show or website liamburkeshow.com. A Big Thank You to TK.

This Week’s Playlist.

1. The Doors – The End.
2. Ravi Shankar – At Monterey Pop Festival 1967.
3. Deep Purple – Hush.
4. Booker T and The MGs – Green Onions.
5. The Who – My Generation.
6. Greg Lake – I Believe In Father Christmas.
7. Blind Faith – Do What You Like.
8. Blind Faith – Hard To Cry Today.
9. Blind Faith – Under My Thumb.
10. Cream – White Room.
11. Janis Joplin – Piece Of My Heart.
12. The Greatful Dead – Good Morning Little School Girl.
13. Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle.
14. Aslan – Rainman.
15. The Mamas And Papas – California Dreaming.



This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from Jodi Miller,  Tommy Tiernan,  Ron Pearson,  and Joby Saad  and a little Tribute for Tony Fenton and great Classic Rock Tunes  and  a Big Thanks to TK  and Hugh Jass and Jenny Taliya.

This Week’s Playlist
1  Biffy Clyro  –  Kill The Old  Torture Their Young
2  The Killers  –  Just Another Girl
3  3 Doors Down  –  Loser
4  Shinedown  –  Save Me
5  Metallica  –  The Day That Never Comes
6  Puddle Of Mudd  –  Psycho
7  Foo Fighters  –  Long Road To Ruin
8  AC/DC  –  Spoiling For A Fight
9  Kings Of Leon  –  Sex On Fire
10  Audioslave  –  Show Me How To Live
11  Queens Of The Stoneage  –  No One Knows
12  White Stripes  –  Seven Nation Army
13  Pat Mc Manus  –  Fool
14  Nigel  Connell  –   Love Me
15  My Chemical  Romance  –  Welcome To The Black Parade
16  System Of A Down  –  Aerials
17  Green Day  –  Wake Me Up When September  Ends
18  Red Hot Chilli Peppers  –  Dani California
19  Evanescence  –  Bring Me To Life


AC/DC "Black Ice" Tour Opener on October 28, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

This Weeks Podcast Show with Comedy from Joan Rivers and the passing of Joan and 13 years since 9-11 and tracks from my friends Colin and Marty. Visit Tommie Kellys Website www.tommiekelly.com for some great artwork and comics and go buy some to support him and not forgetting Billy Idols new Album Kings And Queens of the Underground out Oct 21st vist www.billyidol.net and of course great Classic Rock Tunes

This [email protected] Playlist
1 Colin + Marty – All Along The Watchtower
2 David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
3 Billy Idol – Super Overdrive
4 Billy Idol – The Dead Next Door
5 Guns N Roses – Patience
6 Van Halen – Drop Dead Legs
7 Colin + Marty – Early Morning Blues
8 Horslips – The Man Who Built America
9 Mamas Boys – Dont Tell Mama
10 Blue Oyster Cult — Sinful Love
11 Queen – Radio Ga Ga
12 AC/DC – High Voltage
13 Colin + Marty – Key To The Highway
14 Neil Young – Everybodys Rockin
15 Status Quo – Roll Over Lay Down


AC/DC "Black Ice" Tour Opener on October 28, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

This Weeks Podcast Show   with Comedy from  http://www.youtube.com/user/yupSkits and Eddie Murphy and Ali G. Some talk about drugs aliens and the usual BS and a Phone Call to my old friend Bones about Pearl Jem Tour Dates and a BIG Thanks to TK for all the hard work and of course great Classic Rock Tunage.

This Week’s Playlist
1 The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

2 Free – Wishing Well

3 John Fogerty  –  Born On The Bayou

4 Pearl Jam – Black

5 Tom Petty – Mary Janes Last Dance

6 Pink Floyd  – Mother

7 ZZ TOP – La Grange

8 Slade – Mama Weer All Crazee Now

9 Urge Overkill – Girl Youll Be A Women Soon

10 Twisted Sister – The Price

11 Thin Lizzy – Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed

12 Y +T – Dont Stop Runnin

13 AC/DC  –  Down Payment Blues

14   Faith No More  –  Why Do You Bother

15  The Doors  – Moonlight Drive