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This Week’s Podcast Show wiht Comedy from Rodney , Bob Marley  and Jim Jefferies  and great Classic Rock Tunes and Dear Dairys Stories, and things to do before you die, plus the Threesome if you would like your Threesome played or 15 or 20 Classic Rock Tunes played or if you’ve some Comedy Links let me know on Faceache liam burke show  or or [email protected]. A Big Thank You To TK .

This Week’s Playlist
1  The Kinks  –  Juke Box Music
2  Boston  –  Foreplay/Long Time
3  Justin Hayward  –  Forever Autumn
4  Led Zepplin  –  Living  Loving  Maid
5  Chicago  –  If You Leave Me Now
6  Van Halen  –  Dance The Night Away
7  James Taylor  –  You’ve Got A Friend
8  James Taylor  –  Fire + Rain
9  James  Taylor  –  Carolina In My Mind
10  Pink Floyd  –  Welcome To The Machine
11  The Beatles  –  Hello Goodbye
12  AC/DC  –  Down Payment Blues
13  Pat McManus  –  Loving Kind
14  Taste  –  Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
15  Queen  –  Seven Seas Of Rhye



This Week’s Podcast Show is my 1st year celebration of the show so madness will ensue enter if you dare.  I’ve Classic Rock Tunes and Comedy from Anjelah Johnson , Rorys Stories,Jim Breuer and Bill Burr plus Celebs ring in to wish the show a Happy Birthday, and the Threesome  if you want your Threesome played let me know on faceache Liam Burke Show or [email protected] or if you’ve a list of 15 or 20 songs, or maybe comedy links you can get me to.  A Big Thank You To TK.

This Week’s Playlist
1  Gary Dunne  –  Im Feeling Fine
2  Krokus  –  Rock N Roll Tonight
3  Foghat  –  Slow Ride
4  AC/DC  –  If You Want Blood
5  Roy  Sheils  –  Denial
6  Paul Weller  –  You Do Something To Me
7  Pink Floyd  –  Wish You Were Here
8  Soundgarden  –  Black Hole Sun
9  Soundgarden  –  The Day I Tried To Live
10  Soundgarden  –  Spoonman
11  Twisted Sister  –  Were Not Gonna Take It
12  The Doors  –  Indian  Summer
13  Grainne Duffy  –  Rather Go Blind
14  Thin Lizzy  –  Southbound
15  Hall + Oates  –  Shes Gone


This Week’s Podcast Show   with Comedy from Chris Rock and Louis C.K and This Weeks Threesome for Evie Diamond In Detroit and great Classic Rock Tunes  if you want your Threesome Played some week send me your choice,[email protected] or faceache liamburkeshow or if youve 15 or 20 classic rock tunes send me them. And Tina Mc Kenna Talking to me about Foo Fighters in Slane.

This Week’s Playlist
1  AC/DC  –  Hells Bells
2  Lynyrd  Skynyrd  –  Simple Man
3  Uli Jon Roth  –  The Sails Of Charon
4  Ali Clinton  –  Second Time Around
5  Grainne Duffy  – Thrill Is Gone
6  Foo Fighters  –  Walk
7  Rory Gallagher  –  A Million Miles Away
8  Eagles  –  Hotel  California
9  Eagles  –  Take It Easy
10  Eagles  –  Desperado  11  Pat Mc Manus  –  Lazy Days
12  Giant Mountain Elf  –  You Do Something To Me
13  Giant Mountain Elf  –  Harvest Moon
14  Johnny  Gallagher  –  Going Home
15  Thin Lizzy  –  Still In Love With You.