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This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from Al Porter , Michelle Wolf and of course Kitty Flanagan on Resognations. I have The Weekly Threesome from Guns n Roses for there back in Slane 25 years after they last played. I’ve done a little piece dedicated to Chris Cornell Tracks picked by myself Tony Ainscough of the Friday Night Rock Show on Nova every Friday Night 10pm till 1am and Nicola Gormley the admin of the Faceache page for The Friday Night Rock Show. With lots of Classic Rock Tunes. If you wanna suggest anything for the show get me on or Faceache Liam Burke Show. If your looking to see a great Band check out the Painkillers in Muldoons of Drumconrath this Sunday 28th between 5 to 7pm. Not to be missed. A Big Thanks To TK.

This Week’s Playlist
1. Chris Cornell – Fell On Black Days.
2. Chris Cornell – Be Yourself.
3. Chris Cornell – Redemption Song.
4. Aerosmith – Dream On.
5. Pat Mc Manus Band – The Messiah Will Come.
6. Johnny Gallagher + The Boxtie Band – Going To My Hometown.
7. Blackbird +Crow – A Taste For The Cherry.
8. Guns n Roses – Dust N Bones.
9. Guns n Roses – Your Crazy.
10. Guns n Roses – November Rain.
11. Avenge Sevenfold – Buried Alive.
12. Eric Bell Band – Irish Boy.
13. Eric Clapton – After Midnight.
14. Ian Gillan – Helter Skelter.
15. Gary Clark Jnr – Bright Lights.


This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from my fav Kitty Flanagan on Decluttering something I must do, Tommy Tiernan on the Irish Session, Dylan Moran on Real Intimacy and Steven Wright with One Liners. With plenty of Classic Rock Tunes. If you’ve any Comedy Links or Rock Tunes get me on or Faceache Liam Burke Show. A Big Thanks To TK.

This Week’s Playlist
1. Guns n Roses – Knockin On Heavens Door ( Live ).
2. Jackyl – The Lumberjack.
3. Whitesnake – Give Me All Your Love.
4. Noiseworks – Hot Chilli Woman.
5. The Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby.
6. Pat Coldrick – Lament.
7. Cold Chisel – Wild Colonial Boy.
8. Cold Chisel – The Backroom.
9. Cold Chisel – Long Dark Road.
10. Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat.
11. Kiss – Hard Luck Woman.
12. Laundromat – Souped Up Ford.
13. Band Of Friends – Shadow Play.
14. Barry Barnes – I Fall Apart.
15. Ten Years After – Spoonful.


This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from Sarah Millican, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle and from my fave Aussie with The Weekly on Humans it is of course Kitty Flanagan. We have The Weekly Threesome which is 3 Songs from your fave Band or Singer and The Weekly News thanks to Waterford Whispers News check them out on Faceache. With great Classic Rock Tunes to and from a new Dublin Band Samarkind and there new Track Sun Stroke Heart you can get them on Faceache to, also anything I can play Rock or Classic Rock, Blues or Metal get me on Faceache Liam Burke Show or A Big Thanks To TK.

This Week’s Playlist
1. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah.
2. Rory Gallagher – All Around Man.
3. Eric Clapton – Blues Power.
4. Van Halen – Dance The Night Away.
5. Blackfoot – Highway Song.
6. Led Zeppelin – Lemon Song.
7. Blackberry Smoke – Sunrise In Texas.
8. Gary Moore – Just Can’t Let You Go.
9. Gary Moore – Rockin +Rollin.
10. Gary Moore – Parisienne Walkways.
11. Samarkind – Sun Stroke Heart.
12. Pink Floyd – Mother.
13. Faith No More – We Care A lot.
14. Rolling Stones – I Can’t Quit You Baby.
15. Crosby, Stills and Nash – Almost Cut My Hair.


This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from, Rodney Carrington, Steve Hughes, Tony Woods and Kitty Flanagan on Customer Services and of course The Weekly News. With Great Classic Rock Tunes for the Live Track , The Weekly Threesome and indeed for The Whole Show. If you wanna be part of The Show send me your Links for Comedy or Tracks for the Show, get me on or Faceache Liam Burke Show. A Big Thanks To TK.

This Week’s Playlist
1. AC/DC – The Jack (Live).
2. Chicken foot – Oh Yea.
3. Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing.
4. Horslips – Come Summer.
5. Pink Floyd – Hey You.
6. The Eagles – Hotel California.
7. Iron Maiden – The Trooper.
8. Iron Maiden – Hallow Be Thy Name.
9. Iron Maiden – Running Free.
10. Metallica – Fade To Black.
11. Audioslave – Bring Em Back Alive.
12. Tony Carey – Fine Fine Day.
13. King King – All Your Life.
14. Budgie – Breadfan.
15. The Doors + John Lee Hooker – Roadhouse Blues.