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This Week’s Podcast Show With Comedy From Perter Kay On Biscuits, Irish Sat Nav Jon Joe, Rab C Nesbit on A Dole Rant and the Big Debate on Ryan Sheridan V The Nadas is the song the same and tonnes of Classic Rock Tunes Email Me on [email protected] for your Classic Rock Tunes and comments and The Debate .    


This Week’s Playlist  

1 Lobo – Id Love You To Want Me  

2 BJ. Thomas – Rock N Roll Lullaby  

3 Cream – Spoonful  

4 ZZTOP – Gimme All Your Lovin  

5 Thunder – Brown Sugar  

6 Pat Mc Manus – Lets Turn It Up  

7  Fox Jaw – Hijack    

8 Danzig – Mother  

9 Eagles Of Death Metal – Wanna Be In LA  

10 Ryan Sheridan – Home

11 The Nadas – One More Chance  

12 Saxon – Rock N Roll Gypsy

13 Big Country – Chance  

14 Wishbone Ash – You See Red  

15 Urge Overkill – Girl Youll Be A Woman Soon  

16 Boston – More Than A Feeling  

17 Jim Croce – Time In A Bottle  

18 Skid Row – I Remember You  1

9  Iron Maiden – Public Enema Number One 


Biffy Clyro

This Week’s Podcast Show with comedy from Duck Dynasty , Tim Hawkins and Giddyupskits  and a Fone call from Danica Horner from the USA about a great guy Tommy McManus its great to hear the story from Danica and of course all the great Classic Rock Tunes and a Happy Birthday to my son Steven and daughter Aoife and Abby Diamond Leosh and  my main man Tommie Kelly.


 This Week’s Playlist  

1 Biffy Clyro – Victory Over The Sun  

2 Metallica – Turn The Page  

3 Aslan – Wish You Were Here  

4 Bryan Adams  – Summer Of 69  

5 Billy Idol – Hot In The City  

6 Journey  – Separate Ways  

7 David Bowie  –  John Im Only Dancing  

8 Jimi Hendrix  – The Wind Cries Mary  

9 Mamas Boys  – Run  

10 Soundgarden  – Superunknown  

11 The Doors — The Soft Parade  

12 Crosby , Stills and Nash –  Chicago/ We Can Change The World  

13 Meatloaf  – Dead Ringer For Love  

14 Santana  – Rock Me  

15 Thin Lizzy  – Thunder And Lighting    


Faith No More - Maquinaria

This Weeks Podcast Show with comedy from Mrs Browns Boys , Duck Dynasty and a great parody from Davy O Neill and Trevor O Neill with the Royal County Song and a phone call from the Mega YouTube Sensation Davy O Neill and of course great Classic Rock Tuneage.

This Weeks Playlist  

1 The Doors – Build Me A Woman  

2 Europe – Seven Doors Hotel  

3 Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

4 Led Zepplin – In My Time Of Dyin  

5 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Every Mothers Son  

6 The Georgia Satellites – Deep In The Heart Of Dixie  

7 Davy and Trevor O Neill – The Royal County Song  

8 Twisted Sister – Ill Never Grow Up Now  

9 Whitesnake – Slip Of The Tongue  

10 Dire Straits – Private Investigations  

11 AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie  

12 Van Halen – Jamies Cryin  

13 Faith No More – We Care A Lot  

14 George Therogood – I Drink Alone  

15 Pink Floyd Feat Stephane Grapelli – Wish You Were Here



This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Tommy Tiernan and Richard Pryor and phone call with Bones about recent tour with The Cunning Stunts in Germany and a phone call to the USA to Evie and Judy while they drove around in there car with Frank and Donald and great Classic Rock.

 This Weeks Playlist  

1 Tommie Kelly – Rock n Roll In Rio

2 Pat Mc Manus – Shame On You  

3 Gavin Friday – Shag Tabacco  

4 Livin Colour – Back In Black  

5 Pearl Jam  – Evenflow  

6 Traffic – 40000 Headmen  

7 Soundgarden – 4TH Of July  

8 Audioslave – Shadow On The Sun  

9 Thin Lizzy – The Sun Goes Down  

10 Fleetwood Mac – Alabatross  

11 Tom Petty – American Girl  

12 Bob Segar – Old Time Rock n Roll

13 Aslan – Goodbye Charlie Moonhead  

14 The Doors -Queen Of The Highwhay

15 Metallica  – For Whom The Bell Tolls   



This Weeks Podcast Show with Jimmy Duff with Comedy from Robin Williams and Chris Rock. Jimmy picked all the Classic Rock tunes even if a few newer tunes and thanks to Nancy.


This Weeks Playlist

1 Slash and Myles Kennedy – From the AM Ring

2 Green River Band – Cant Stand Still

3 AC/DC – The Rocker

4 LED Zepplin – Ramble On

5 Rory Gallagher – Going To My Hometown

6 My Chemical Romance – Teenagers

7 Foo Fighters – All My Life

8 Limp Biscuit – Take A Look Around

9 UFO – Only You Can Rock Me

10 Rose Tattoo – Astrawally

11 Metallica – Bread Fan

12 Rainbow – Kill The King

13 Whitesnake – Ready And Willing

14 Twisted Sister – Oh Come All Yee Faithful

15 Status Quo – Is There A Better Way