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This Week’s Podcast Show with Comedy from Trevor Noah and Katt Williams and the threesome from Live Aid 1985. If you’ve any Comedy links or Classic Rock Tunes either for the Threesome or for the Show contact me or [email protected] or Faceache. Thanks as per usual to TK.
This Week’s Playlist
1. Metallica  –  Harvester Of Sorrow.
2. Y+T  –  Struck Down.
3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood  –  Born To Run.
4. Bruce Sringsteen  –  Born To Run.
5   ZZ Top  –  Rough Boy.
6. Rick Sringfield  –  Jesses Girl.
7. Queen  –  Bohemian Rhapsody + Radio Ga Ga.
8. Led Zepplin  –  Stairway To Heaven.
9.  Dire Straits  –  Sultans Of Swing.
10  The Gravel Spreaders  –  Number of The Beast.
11. Jimi Hendrix  –  Bold As Love.
12. The Gravel Spreaders  –  Crazy Train.
13. The Doors  –  Strange Days.
14. Billy Idol  –  One Breath Away.
15. The Animals  –  We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Cheers Dude



This Week’s Podcast Show with comedy from Tommy Tiernan and John Bishop and uses for tampons and the Threesome and if you’ve any comedy links or music choices get me on or faceache or[email protected] Thanks to TK.

This Week’s Playlist.
1 Al Stewart  –  Year Of The Cat
2. Kiss  –  Black Diamond.
3. Player  –  Baby Come Back.
4. Led Zepplin  –  The Lemon Song.
5. Bob Segar  –  Turn The Page.
6. Celtus  –  Moonchild.
7. Nazareth  –  Love Hurts.
8. Pink Floyd  –  Comfortably Numb.
9. Pink Floyd  –  Us+Them.
10. Pink Floyd  –  Dark Side Of The Moon (Mix).
11  The Hollies  –  Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress.
12. Fleetwood Mac  –  Albratross.
13. The Shadows  –  Apache.
14. Stiltskin  –  Inside.
15. Blackberry Smoke  –  Freeborn Man.
16. Neil Young  –  Old Man.
17. Crosby, Stills and Nash  –  Wooden Ships.


WILKES-BARRE, PN - OCTOBER 28:  Malcolm Young (L) and Angus Young of AC/DC perform during their "Black Ice" Tour Opener on October 28, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

This Weeks Podcast Show with Comedy from Tommy Tiernan and Republic Of Telly on every Irish wedding ever. This weeks Threesome from AC/DC and audio from AC/DC in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. If you want to send me your threesome or your list of songs or your comedy links you can get me on faceache Liam Burke show or info@ and a big thanks to my co presenter Bones and a big thank you to TK. And I also rang LmFm and sent a request for Huhh Jass.

This Weeks Playlist
1. Peter Green  –  Oh Well Part1 and Part 2.
2. Frank Zappa  –  Watermelon In Easter Hay.
3. Living Colour  –  Back In Black.
4. The Who  –  Won’t Get Fooled Again.
5. Crosby Stills Nash and Young  –  Love The One Your With.
6. AC/DC  –  Rock N Roll Train.
7. AC/DC  –  Shake Your Foundation
8. AC/DC  –  Rocker.
9. The Rolling Stones  –  Fool To Cry.
10. Mc Bane  –  Lead Alone.
11. Metallica  –  Welcome Home.
12. Pearl Jem  –  Immortality
13. Scorpions  –  Rock You Like A Hurricane.