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This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Jen Kirkman on Married People Are The Worst People, Debra DiGiovanni on Don’t Sleep Naked, Michelle Wolf on Having A Baby and the Kinda Accurate Guide To Ireland with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes, something for all the Family 🤪🤪🤪.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. The Cult – Wild Hearted Son.
2. Roy Shiels – Paper Plane.
3. Thin Lizzy – Emerald.
4. Skid Row – Monkey Business.
5. Twisted Sister – Hot Love.
6. Winger – Headed For A Heartbreak.
7. John Boorman – Dueling Banjos.
8. Charlie Daniels – The Devil Went Down To Georgia.
9. Roy Shiels – My Valentine.
10. Whitesnake – Fool For Your Loving.
11. Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You.
12. Black Sabbath – God Is Dead.
13. Billy Idol – Cradle Of Love.
14. Styx – Mr. Roboto.
15. CCR – Run Through The Jungle.



This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Wendy Liebman with The Kinkiest Thing I Do, Mitra Jouhari with Having A Medically Bad Personality and Luenell with Retiring From Sex. With lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes along with more Tunes from Roy Shiels, new album Nowhere Special go to and Tennessee Champagne for there new album.

This Weeks Playlist
1. Mamas Boys – Freedom Fighters.
2. The Cult – Wild Flower.
3. Roy Shiels – Down.
4. Black Stone Cherry – Again.
5. Tennessee Champagne – Can’t Get Over You.
6. Greta Van Fleet – Age Of Man.
7. Roy Shiels – Straw Girl.
8. Queensryche – Eyes Of A Stranger.
9. Dokken – Dream Warriors.
10. Mamas Boys – Face To Face.
11. Tennessee Champagne – Thunder In The Mountain.
12. Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55.
13. Ratt – Back For More.
14. Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown.
15. Autograph – Turn Up The Radio.



This Weeks Podcast with an Interview from Chris Kelley of Tennessee Champagne talking about there new self-titled album, you can get your hands on it by going to and order it you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be supporting great music. With Comedy from Nate Baragatze on Awkwardly Interrupted His Dads Magic Tricks, Brad Zimmerman on Never Do This At A Restaurant and Sarah Millican on Don’t Trust A Skinny Massage Therapist. With lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Copperhead – Long Way From Home.
2. The White Buffalo – The House Of The Rising Sun.
3. Gary Moore – Run To Your Mama.
4. The Grateful Dead – Good Morning Little School Girl.
5. Roy Shiels – Crows.
6. Tennessee Champagne – Mountains In My Bones.
7. Tennessee Champagne – Corn From A Jar.
8. Blackberry Smoke – Shakin Hands With The Holy Ghost.
9. The Cadillac Three – Take Me To The Bottom.
10. Tyler Childers – Whitehouse Road.
11. Roy Shiels – Mission Street.
12. Tennessee Champagne – Signing To My Broken Heart.
13. The Jompson Brothers – On The Run.
14. Fee Waybill – Still You On The Inside.
15. Tennessee Champagne – Shake It.


This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Kitty Flanagan, Tommy Tiernan on How Ireland Dealt With Lunatics with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes this week from The Deep South and two more Tracks from Roy Shiels new Album Nowhere Special support him at And a couple more Irish Tracks.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Blackberry Smoke – Good One Comin On.
2. The Cadillac Three – Runnin Red Lights.
3. Goodbye June – Anywhere The Wind Blows.
4. Tennessee Champagne – Silver Tongue.
5. Roy Shiels – Jesus.
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Born To Run.
7. Blackfoot – Highway Song.
8. Tennessee Champagne – Stompin Grounds.
9. Molly Hatchet – One Last Ride.
10. The Thirteen Stars – Give It Good.
11. Roy Shiels – This Is Forever.
12. Crow Black Chicken – White Lightning.
13. Blackwater Conspiracy – Goodbye To Yesterday.
14. The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.
15. Tennessee Champagne – Selfish Ways.



This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Urzila Carlson on What No One Tells You About Homemade Porn, Bernie Mac on My Sisters Kids and Sarah Milican on 5 Great Foodie Moments, with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes and more from Roy Shiels new Album Nowhere Special you can get it on

This Weeks Playlist
1. Rainbow – Gates Of Babylon.
2. Peter Green – Oh Well (pt1+pt2).
3. Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues.
4. Toto – Rosanna.
5. Roy Shiels – Complex Mind.
6. Sheriff – When I’m With You.
7. White Lion – You’re All I Need.
8. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face.
9. Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son.
10. 38 Special – If Is Been The One.
11. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart.
12. Roy Shiels – Crucified By Fever.
13. The Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams.
14. When In Rome – The Promise.
15. Firehouse – Love Of A Lifetime