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This Week’s Podcast with Comedy from Shawn Morgan and Tacanna Williams with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes and some New ones.

This week’s Playlist.
1. Aerosmith – Deuces Are Wild.
2. Jim Bates – As Storm Blows In.
3. Blackberry Smoke – Little Bit Crazy.
4. Billy Idol – All Summer Single.
5. Pearl Jam + Chris Cornell – Hunger Strike.
6. Ghost Hounds – Last Train To Nowhere.
7. AC/DC – Fly On The Wall.
8. Living Colour – Me, Myself and My Microphone.
9. Bachman Turner Overdrive – Let It Ride.
10. Justin Hayward – Forever Autumn



This Weeks Podcast with Comedy from Stephen Cookson and Kevin Bridges with lots of Classic Rock Tunes and some new Ones and even a Tune from Barbara Markay with Sassy Titles.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. The Rolling Stones – Sweet Sounds Of Heaven.
2. Judas Priest – Desert Plains.
3. Cinderella – Gypsy Road.
4. Whitesnake – Crying In The Rain.
5. Grand Funk Railroad – Inside Looking Out.
6. Colin James – Just Came Back.
7. Johnny Diesel + The Injectors – Cry In Shame.
8. The HU – Sell The World.
9. Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride.
10. Barbara Markay – I Don’t Want To Be A Zombie.


This week’s Podcast has a Hairbrush Vibe about it, also known as 80’s vibe, with lots of Classic Rock Tunes and Comedy from Ellie Taylor and Lou Sanders.

This Week’s Playlist.
1. Triumph – Lay It On The Line.
2. Colin James – Voodoo Thing.
3. REO Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes.
4. Loverboy – The Kid Is Hot Tonite.
5. Aldo Nova – Fantasy.
6. Twisted Sister – The Price.
7. Thunder – Love Walked In.
8. Kim Mitchell – All We Are.
9. Cinderella – Nobody’s Fool.
10. Alice Cooper – The Dead Don’t Dance


This week’s Podcast is Dedicated to the Speedy Recovery of Evie Diamond after her Op. get well soon Evie. So all the Music is Dedicated to Evie and I know she likes all the bands. With Comedy from John Pinette and Rodney Carrington.

This Week’s Playlist.
1. Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling.
2. Queen – I Want It All.
3. The Dead South – Banjo Odyssey.
4. The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun.
5. The Doors – Unknown Soldier.
6. Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You.
7. Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line.
8. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesdays Gone.
9. The Hu – This Is Mongol.

10. Mamas Boys – Belfast City Blues.


This Week’s Podcast with Comedy from Fern Brady and Taylor Tomlinson with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes. Feel free to Contact me with Your List of Tunes of Birthdays.

This week’s Playlist.
1. Alice Cooper – Ballad Of Dwight Fry.
2. The Band – It Makes No Difference.
3. Mamas Boys – Rock n Roll Craze.
4. 22-20s – Shoot Your Gun.
5. Foreigner – Stranger In My Own Home.
6. The Dead Weather – Hustle + Cuss.
7. Crosby, Stills + Nash – Almost Cut My Hair.
8. Diamond Head – Am I Evil.
9. Steely Dan – Midnite Cruiser.
10. Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Needle + The Spoon.


This Week’s Podcast with Comedy from Kathleen Madigan and Ron White with Lots of Classic Rock Tunes and lots of your Favs. Get in touch if you’ve Requests or Tunes you wanna hear.

This week’s Playlist.
1. Blackberry Smoke – Dig A Hole.
2. Robin Trower – Too Much Joy.
3. Budgie – I Turned To Stone.
4. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath.
5. The Barren Spinsters – Step Down.
6. The Dead South – That Bastard Son.
7. The Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.
8. Rory Gallagher – Easy Come, Easy Go.
9. The Blues Mystery – Back To The Dirty Town.
10. Deep Purple – Lazy


This Weeks Pod is a little different but non the less Great Tunes from Australian Bands a mix of Blues, Rock and Grunge. I started off by seeing a video from The Barren Spinsters with Michael Myers in it and I played it on Spotify and all the other Tunes rolled in,Take a listen and Tell me what you think. With Comedy from Paul Smith and Richard Pryor.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Lloyd Spiegel – The Kick Around.
2. The Barren Spinsters – Living Back Home.
3. Genevieve Chadwick – Ease Up.
4. Acid Cherry – Trophy Baby.
5. Thornbird – Let Her Go.
6. Mamas Boys – Run.
7. James Bennett – In The Blink.
8. 19-Twenty – Kiss You.
9. Karen Lee Andrews – Going Down.
10. Backsliders – Tea + Sugar Train.
11. The Barren Spinsters – Hey Ruth.


This Weeks Pod with Comedy from Dylan Moran and Jack Dee with Lots of Classic Rock Tunes and 4 Irish Rock Bands (not on purpose lol) Gimme A Shout if you’ve a list of Tunes or Requests.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Joe Walsh – The Confessor.
2. ZZ Top – Blue Jean Blues.
3. AC/DC – Touch To Much.
4. Pat McManus Band – Cold Town.
5. Winters Regin – Do I Have To Call Your Name Again.
6. Gary Moore – The Loner.
7. Thin Lizzy – The Sun Goes Down.
8. Van Halen – Mean Street.
9. Audioslave – Gasoline.
10. Alice In Chains – Heaven Beside You.


This Weeks Pod with Comedy from Katherine Branford and Iliza Schlesinger with lots of Great Classic Rock Tunes and Two New Tunes from Altered Lines. More from Vynal From The Vault.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. Kanas – Dust In The Wind.
2. Altered Lines – Whitehouse Road.
3. Rainbow – Kill The King.
4. Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy.
5. The Animals – It’s My Life.
6. The HU – Wolf Totem.
7. Danzig – Mother.
8. The Cure – A Forest.
9. Altered Lines – Headaches, Heartaches, Women + Beer.
10. The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.


(L-R) Bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, frontman Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page are seen at a press screening ahead of the worldwide theatrical release of Led Zeppelin’s 2007 Celebration Day concert at the O2, on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 in London, UK. (Photo by Miles Willis/Invision/AP)

This Weeks Podcast with Comedy From Hanna Evensen and Sam Bowden with lots Of Great Classic Rock Tunes and another Vynal From The Vault; this time it’s Led Zeppelin.

This Weeks Playlist.
1. The Two Five Ones – Hopelessly Confused.
2. Judas Priest – Desert Plains.
3. The Band – Acadian Driftwood.
4. Spooky Tooth – Evil Woman.
5. The Doors – The Crystal Ship.
6. Led Zeppelin – For Your Life.
7. The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin.
8. Aerosmith – What It Takes.
9. Crosby, Stills + Nash – Carry On.
10. The Shadows – Apache.